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Automatic Payments - Anti-Ban - Anti-DDoS - 500+ Designs - Google Ads - Twitter - Bing - TikTok
💰EVM DRAINER for 500+ Wallets💰

(Supports extensions and mobile apps such as Coinbase, TrustWallet, MetaMask, Ledger, and others)
Available on over 50+ networks (such as ETH, BNB, MATIC, Arb, Blast, Merlin, and more). Evaluates, withdraws, and adds networks as they emerge.

💎TON Drainer💎
Supports all known wallets - on Telegram, Tonkeeper, MyTonWallet, OpenMask, Tonhub, and others. Both mobile version and extensions.
Evaluates NFTs (numbers/logins), tokens, and the main coin - withdraws in one transaction.

💸TRON DRAINER (trc20)💸
Well-known network due to Tether, available drainer, supports Tronlink, TrustWallet PC/mobile.
Withdraws assets by signature - no alert, amount not visible, just SIGN.

CryptoGrab Top Crypto Affiliate

3 Types of Drainers & WEB 3 & CEX & DEX Exchange and more...
CEX Exchange - Flexible settings, Pump/Dump, Email, 9 payment methods, 5 designs. Buy crypto with Visa/MasterCard/ApplePay.

Convenient admin panel and the ability to customize each of your sites
We make unique solutions! There are no analogues and there never will be.

If you really want to join a team of professionals -

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💲Happy New Year!!!💲

💎 NOVADRAINER & 💎 CryptoGrabSite_bot

🌟 Updated the external interface of the local admin panel /admin
🌟 We added new networks to the drainer, now there are 70 of them, list HERE
🌟 CryptoGrabSite bot has improved logic, speed , appearance of functions and their calls
🌟 Employees with TOP status have access to the host and can be transferred to another host in 1 click.
🌟 Other hosting has the ability to access the ISP to manage files, etc. and has many clean IPs.
🌟 Added 2 new modal login windows .
🌟 A “thank you” postback page has been added to /admin for users with an empty wallet or who have been completely processed. You can place, for example, a pixel or postback to count leads.
✔️ More private information and functions and methods in Private, if you have more than 3 flights, we are waiting for you there.
✔️ Unfortunately, I can’t write all our updates and functions here.
✔️ There are a lot of updates both in terms of functions and additional features, but they are not public and are not available to users with the Working Group: 🤓Starter.
⚡ The results of the competition will also be in Private, because it is for employees, not for the public, there is still time to take part and get into the Private group.

💎 Development of NovaDrainer: This product continues to expand its features and capabilities, including more than 45 chains, private functions, and integration with other offers and sites. Details will be presented in Private, where we will highlight its uniqueness and flexibility.

💖 If you have more than 1 profit in the last 14 days, ask your personal manager for an invite to Private to stay informed about non-public information.

🛡 Domain Unblock System: Improvements in the system's operation are already noticeable, including the removal of antivirus and Chrome detects. More than 2000 domains have been unblocked this week.

🤩 Improvement of the website uniqueness system: A significant update to the AI core has been made for generating unique SEO content and website structures.

🎖 Official registration and EV SSL: The company is registered in several countries and is fully official ( Obtaining an EV SSL certificate with a $1,500,000 guarantee confirms our reliability and opens access to major suppliers such as Binance, StormGain, Etoro, and others.

💸 Expansion of CRM CryptoGrab: All verified suppliers, including those mentioned above, will be added to the updated CRM.

🌐Global Compliance: This year, plans include meeting all requirements for operating the affiliate network in all countries around the world.

💎 CryptoGrab: Your key to profit through traffic. With more than 500 offers, mobile applications, access to direct advertisers, and exclusive solutions, we are your reliable partner in the world of monetization.

📎Site | |

💎CEX Exchange v2

⭐️ Includes all features from version 1 (except the design)
⭐️ New, unique design
⭐️ Smart deposit and the ability to fully edit coins – Smart deposit, perfectly suited for handling large traffic
⭐️ Updated coin list, over 150 items
⭐️ Tools (Market Capitalization, Market Screener, Technical Analysis, Cross Rates, Currency Heat Map) – Various trading tools integrated with Trading View
⭐️ P2P trading – Simulation of trading between users
⭐️ Cryptocurrency purchase with cards – Ability to purchase cryptocurrency using cards through Transak

✉️ Installation is similar to version 1, will soon be integrated into the bot. Currently available through personal manager and linked to general domains.


Reminder, news about drainers and other offers are available in Private. If you've had more than one successful entry in the last 14 days, request an invite from your personal manager.

⚡ Mute function added, available to everyone.
⚡ Successfully unblocked over 1 thousand domains in the last month.
⚡ Maximizing profit from traffic – details in private.
⚡ Improved bot for ensuring fair competition – send domains to it .
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