X500 proxy address - Địa chỉ proxy theo chuẩn X.500


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## X500 Proxy Address

A X500 proxy address is a type of email address that uses the X.500 standard. It is typically used to represent a group of email addresses, such as all the employees of a company.

X500 proxy addresses are written in the following format:


For example, the X500 proxy address for the employees of example.com would be:


When an email is sent to an X500 proxy address, it is forwarded to all the email addresses in the group. This can be useful for sending mass emails to a group of people, or for setting up a distribution list.

X500 proxy addresses are supported by most email clients and servers. However, some older clients and servers may not be able to handle them. If you are having trouble sending an email to an X500 proxy address, you may need to contact your email provider for assistance.

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